MicroTweezers Demos

MEMS Precison Instruments

Here are some Video to demonstrate how to operate the Tweezers-Contoller and how to unpack Tweezers and set up for operations. Vedios are "AVI" files type, are able to be open by graphics software such as Nero...


It is very handy for manual operating Tweezers(with two 9V batteries). If you are a new user, try good practice to turn around the knobs with, or without Tweezers to see how does it controls the Micro Tweezers' Tip movement. The voltage changes, Tweezers changes size of the open space. Even though a change is so minimum, but it is powerfully changes capacity of funcitoning on an object. Often it does not mean the harder force is the best to catch an object, it is not luck, but the skill developed from experiences!
Look at Controller Video of Controller Rod Open cases

MicroTweezers Rod:
Rod is not only a connector, or name it as a handle, but it does support the Tweezers. Normally it is 6" long, could be longer or shorter per demands. It is easy, simple to mount or unmout in a Tweezers, acting slowly and gently is always admired.
Look at Rod Video-Rod Controller Open Case

Un packaging Tweezers:
Tweezers is well arranged in it's case. The Tweezers is leveled between soft foam on the top and bottom, stable and protected. The end part of Tweezers is electronic Pins where is stuck in the hard foam. Please intentionally look at it twice. To hold the Body of the Tweesers with clean gloved hands, to rest it, or use it. The Tip of the Tweezers is elegent, is the part performing operations, restricted from direct finger, ot anything els contact The Tip, but only Micro Objects! Twezers tip opening distance is proportional to the applied power and the design of the tweezer, that may not be what an operator desires to do.
Video Unpackaging Controller Rod Home

MicroTweezers under Water:
This special MicroTweezer design has the actuator mounted in the handle so that the gripper can operate under Water

MicroTweezers pick up Wire under pond water:
MicroTweezers grip a 10 micron diameter stainless steel wire in pond water (some out of focus protozoa swim by). In this side view one gripper tip is hidden from view behind the other one. Tweezers grasp the Wire and move it back and forth in the water, then release the Wire.

MicroTweezers pick up a Ball under pure water
This MicroTweezer grips a 10.9 micron diameter biotinylated polystyrene sphere that is on a silicon surface under water. If there were a strepavidin coated surface available, the gripped sphere could be precisely transfered to it. Of course with nothing else to be touched to provide adhesion forces, the sphere will simply stick to one of the tweezer tips when they are opened (still under water)

Tweezers pick up Wire in the pound-water Tweezers pick up Bead in the pure-water