MicroTweezer Tip Kit

MEMS Precision Instruments

    The MicroTweezer Tip Kit enables tips to be flexibly installed and removed from the Tweezer body.


    MicroTweezers Tip Head Set

    MicroTweezers Tip Head Level View

    MicroTweezers Tip Kit Plan View

    MicroTweezers Tip Kit Close View

    MicroTweezers & Tip_Kit Separating

    MicroTweezers Tip's Position

    MicroTweezers Tip Kit UP View

    MicroTweezers Tip Kit Down View

    MicroTweezers Body merges Tip Kit

    MicroTweezers Body Toward Tip Kit

    MicroRuler full view

    MicroRuler measures opne size

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