MEMS Precision Instruments References

MEMS Precision Instruments has joined projects with a number of professors at the University of California at Berkeley, the University of California San Francisco Medical School. As well as some industry and goverment research groups which use MEMS Precision Instruments' products in various projects. The techniques and methods created by MEMS Precision Instruments will play a major role in some industrial companies. MEMS Precision Instruments has been participating widly in technical discussions and sharing knowledge with other researchers worldwide. Here is a forum open to anyone who is interested in the subjects related to MEMS Precision Instruments.

NASA artical in using Forks

Microfabrication Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center

MEMS Clearinghouse


Popular Science Magazine

Sandia Robotics Lab

Electrical Isolation Process for Molded, HIGH-ASPECT-RATIO Polysilicon Microstructures -MEMS.2000(Japan)-

Single-Step Assemnly of COMPLEX 3-D Microstructures -MEMS.2000(Japan)-


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