Patent history of Dr. Christopher G. Keller


Chris Keller, founder of MEMS PI, has a BS in chemistry from Michigan State University, an MS in science education from the University of Tennessee (Knoxville), an MS in engineering science and mechanics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a PhD in materials science from the University of California at Berkeley. Additionally, he has 13 years working experience.

Patent Title
US06375148 Apparatus for Fabrication Needles Via Conformal Deposition in Two-piece molds
US06125007 Membrane seal secured to inner and outer oscillating bearing members for small angle oscillations within confined axial space
US06106751 Method for Faricaiton needles via conformal depostion in two-piece molds
US06075683 Disk Drive with Passive Multiple fly height slider and cooperative disk pattern
US06015599 High Vertical Aspect Ratio Thin Film Structures for immunological isolation of cell transplants
US05948255 Microfabricated thin film particle filter and mehos of making it
US05893974 Microfabricated capsules for immunological isolation of cell transplants
US05850317 Apparatus and method for near contact magnetic recording to separate media and transducer
US05742449 Near contact magnetic recording using a liquid lubricant bearing to separate media and tranducer
US05660680 Method for fabrication of high vertical aspect ratio thin film structures
US05659447 Magnetic slider design for precision wear-in
US05651900 Microfabricated particle filter
US5612830 Method and apparaus for cleaning disk upon reaching a disk drive start-stop cycle threshold
US05543983 Servo Controlled lubricant thickness for near magnetic recording
US05416657 Seal for bearings in small angle oscilation applications
US05396383 Integral lubricating fluid delivery system for a flying head in a magnetic disk storage system
US05651900 Spacer ring reservoir for magnetic recording disk lubricant
US05351156 Method and apparatus for cleaning disks
US05331487 Direct access storage device with vapor phase lubricant system and a magnetic disk having a protective layer and immobile physically bonded lubricant layer.
US05309310 Servo controlled lubricant thickness for near contact magnetic recording
US05303096 Merging of heads into disk drives using low melting wax
US05278711 Slider bearing design for near contact magnetic recording
US05251081 Spindle grounding device
US05229899 Apparatus and method for controlling the vapor phase within an enclosure
US05645684 Multilayer high vertical aspect ratio thin film structures
US05623383 Magnetic slider design for precision wear-in
US04789913 Method and Apparatus for Lubricating a magnetic disk continuously in a recording file
Pending Microscissors
Pending Method of lubricating MEMS
Pending Microtweezers

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